About Me

I am Vijay Kumar and i am India based Information Security Researcher. 

Studies :
 I am Graduated from VIT University, Vellore in computer science stream.

Job History : 
I worked as a Data engineer and product solution Engineer in India based commerce Flipkart. 

Currently Working as Individual Application security Researcher in bug bounty platforms like Bugcrowd,hackerone etc. 

Technical Skills : 
From technical point of view I am fascinated about Application Security,Data Security,Mobile Security ,Algorithms ,Data structures,BigData,Hadoop,Hive,vertica etc. 

Acknowledgement and Rewards : 
Twitter , Yahoo , Uber , Salesforce, Mozilla , Dropbox, Vimeo , Shopify , Airbnb , Souq ,Pipedrive ,Pornhub, Algolia , Ok.ru , Hired, Maplogin , Todoist , Indeed etc.

Hobbies : 
Singing , Music , Travelling etc. 

Public Profile : 

Hackerone Profile : 

Bugcrowd Profile : 

That's All from my side :) Please Feel free to contact me if you want to know more !!


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